Letter from Sarah Ferguson, Deputy Director of Children’s Service,  Central Bedfordshire Council

Over ten years since being established as a new Unitary Council in 2009, in Central Bedfordshire we have strong and well-regarded services, are on a sound financial footing, with excellent staff engagement and customer satisfaction ratings.  We are in a good place.  We are ambitious for our children, who we want to be happy, safe and confident with a strong sense of belonging. We want someone to join us with the same ambition, and to take us from good to great.

Looking to the future, we are now creating a 2050 long-term vision for Central Bedfordshire which will see us being more sustainable, more efficient and delivering better outcomes for our growing communities, so this is the ideal time to join us to lead us through the next stage of our development.

Part of this development includes a School’s for the Future programme which reflects the scale of our ambition to continue to improve outcomes for children, and is a cornerstone of our 2050 vision. Working closely with schools, governing bodies, DfE, Multi Academy Trusts and the Diocese, we are transforming our schools towards a ‘two tier’ system (primary and secondary schools). We are committed to improving educational attainment, recruitment and retention of the teaching workforce and providing clearer learning pathways for children and parents with fewer transition points. This is also a fantastic opportunity to invest in educational settings across Central Bedfordshire, providing the best and most stimulating environment possible for learning.

We want to develop a coherent and transparent plan for our future educational landscape that is shaped by all our schools, mapping out where existing schools can expand, what additional schools we will require and the structure our schools will take over the next 15 – 20 years. This plan will help to ensure we achieve the best educational outcomes possible for our children making best use of public money (Schools for the Future vision)

With £500m committed, this is one of the most ambitious change programmes the Council has undertaken.

We are looking to appoint a new Head of Service to lead this exciting programme.

If you share our ambition and passion for children’s futures and have a great balance of a strong commercial focus and absolute dedication to deliver great outcomes, I very much hope you will be in touch.

We look forward to welcoming you to Central Bedfordshire - It is a great place to live and work.